Mamabena otra Ariabena

( Between another mountain) 2021-2022

Since February 2020, indigenous communities from different parts of Colombia have migrated to Bogotá and other large cities due to forced displacement by illegal armed actors and multinationals with an interest in natural resources in the areas where these communities live. Since their arrival in Bogotá, the communities have gone through different zones and parks of the city seeking to call the attention of the government and citizens to take measures and solutions to their current situation. 

Since September 30, 2021 different indigenous groups including Embera Katio, Embera Dobida and Embera Chamí have settled in Bogotá’s National Park. This settlement has been referred by them as their struggle for a better life, for a safe return to their ancestral territories and in some cases for a dignified relocation into biggercities. These communities have been now tranferred to transitionary homes.They still demand a dignified future outside of the violence they have experienced for more than 20 years. However, local mayor’s offices, ministries and the government have been reluctant and distant to take action to address this problem.

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